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Gizeh Roll Box

  • Modern style,compact size,the easiest to use
  • Super utility rolling box
  • Save money and it makes rolling your own cigarettes simple and easy.
  • Material: made of high quality metal,As a perfect gift for yourself or friends.
  • This cigarette or joint roller is a fast,convenient way to roll cigarettes..
  • PACKAGE:1x Automatic Cigarette Box.


ROLLING MACHINE AND BOX For filters with diameter of 6 and 8 mm
For paper length up to 68 mm The GIZEH ROLLBOX is a rolling
machine and tobacco tin in one. Thanks to its sophisticated
mechanism, perfect roll-ups can be made with the Rollbox. At the
same time, the box serves as storage for tobacco or rolling
papers and filters. By setting the lower Belt bar to the
positions “S = Slim Size” or “R=Regular Size”, two different
roll-up diameters can be selected.