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RAW Perspector - Magnetic Magnifying Vision Enhancer

Whether you want to check your materials for any hidden impurities or want some magnification to help you roll the perfect cigarette, joint, or cone, the Raw Perspector will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal.

The UV light will help you spot certain material compounds, like phosphates or sulfates, as well as organic matter, making this the best magnifying glass for trichomes. The lights are powered by a USB rechargeable battery built into the base and, naturally, the Perspector comes complete with the charging cable to keep it well charged.

  • Superbright UV light 3000k LED
  • 3x and 5x Magnifying Glass
  • Slots for Clipper lighter Pack of RAW papers and staging for 2 cones
  • USB rechargable battery cable included
  • Includes weighted metal base