RAW Trident


  • Material
  • Easy to Hold
  • Finishing
  • Dimensions


Smoking has become more of a lifestyle rather than just smoking, and killing the stress and rolling your cigarettes has become part of this lifestyle. But a lot of times don't you feel single hit is not enough you need more, Yes precisely that is what we're talking about, one where you have to burn two to three cigarettes simultaneously for a great hit. Well, as you may know, RAW finds a solution to all smoking problems and Bang! RAW has this crazy cigarette holder with which you can smoke three cigs or joints at a time, a trident, isn't that cool? Well, yeah, that is as this trident cigarette holder can give you party fun with super sexy hits.


Material: This cool trident cigarette holder by RAW is made up of sustainable and strong wood which makes every holder have a different texture of color due to the natural color and growth of each wood.

Easy to Hold: The trident holder is in the shape of a hand with three fingers that can hold cigarettes. The lower part of the holder is thick for a good grip while smoking and enjoying every puff.

Dimension:  The trident has a size of 3.34 Inch which can hold three joints or cigarettes of king size for a trippy hit at one time. 

Finish: RAW products are known for the finest finishing whether they are rolling paper or roaches or the long list of smoking accessories. Every accessory by RAW has a quality finish to blow your mind.