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The Medikit

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Always feel like its an emergency and can never find all your paraphernalia in one go?

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your stoner friend?

The Medi Kit is a Stoner Aid kit with everything to ensure that you dont have to get out of bed. 

Hand Picked items put together by our in house team at a fraction of the cost that you would buy them individually.

Items included are below, and did we mention we also gift wrap for free upon request and deliver same day in Mumbai,Pune & Thane

1 X Medikit Box

Products (Included)


1 X Snail Pinkey (Pink Papers + Tips)

1 X Snail Bluey (Blue Papers + Tips)

1 X RAW Black King Size

1 X Gizeh King Size Magnetic

1 X Gizeh King Size Pure

1 X Slimjim White Gold King Size

1 X Slimjim Ultra Slim King Size

1 X Slimjim Brown King Size

1 X Slimjim King Size

1 X Rolling Filters King Size

1 X Kush Rice Papers


1 X Raw Perforated Wide Tip

1 X Slimjim Glass Filter Tip

1 X Slimjim Designer Roach Pad

1 X Slimjim Brown Roach Pad

1 X Chill Om Flip Book

1 X Chill Om

1 X Acti Tube Slim (Pack Of 10)

1 X Piecemaker Silicon Tip


1 X Medtainer (Grinder + Storage) Random Design

1 X Paq Case Trio (Storage)

1 X Anti Smoke Car Freshener

1 X Kush Blunt Wrap ( Random Flavour)

1 X Kush Blunt Cone (Random Flavour)

2 X Clipper Lighters

2 X Doob Tubes

1 X Piecemaker Kontainer

Random Assortment of Stickers


1 X Cannspirator Hemp Mask


1 X Phantom Mints



Get MEDICATED with the best products in town today.

Buy this kit with 34 unique products worth 8000/- for Rs 4499/-  only