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The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Food for thought: What if Dawn of the Dead happened, irl? That impossible as ever action movie, which makes you question if misfortune that severe actually exists. The world gets reduced to a pre-industrial, hostile space with isolated pockets of survivors, fighting to begin a new era. Food, water and electricity become scarce, but so do smoking supplies.

Well we hope the idea of doomsday doesn’t materialize, but if it does; we’ve got you a list of essentials you need to stock up on.

*Weapons Excluded*

All good days start with breakfast and a joint, you’ll have them both if you have your own grow cabinet. And you’ve got fresh greens, to keep your body and lungs nourished. These hydroponic green rooms need only water to grow so you don’t really need to worry about contaminated soil.

A normal gas lighter lasts for about 3 weeks, plasma lighters on the other hand, last three times longer. Makes sense to stock up on some fire before the dark kicks in!

Speaking of the dark kicking in, you’re definitely going to need to keep the flame going. Hemp wicks are slow burning, thick hemp fibre wires that are essential to light any kind of fire.

You lose stash in a well lit room, imagine rolling in the dark! Get yourself a glow in the dark bowl for the perfect mix.

The three meter rolling paper will suffice you for a while. While pandamonium strikes outside, you can spark multiple joints watching it from afar.

The beginning of a new era will render all the currency useless. Stock up on some gold and silver skins, which in our opinion are the up and coming barter currency. Bonus: you can even roll in them!

The main characteristic of a zombie apocalypse is that you need to switch camps all the time. That’s why you need a bag! Get the hemp valley bag, it’s light and dries easy.