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Be Eco-friendly! Use A Pocket Ashtray

Be Eco-friendly! Use A Pocket Ashtray

Pack out what you pack in! The SlimJim personal pocket ashtrays are easy to use. It's made of fireproof sponge and an aluminum foil fabric designed to trap smells, thus eliminating the problem of disgustingly stinky sewage. Just open the flap, drop in the ashes, no need to stub, close the flap. Then empty the butts & ashes into the garbage & reuse the ashtray again & again. The ashtray is nearly unnoticeable in the confines of any jeans or jacket pocket as it weighs next to nothing & is approximately the size of a pack of gum. It is a soft, lightweight pouch with a fireproof lining to extinguish cigarettes and lock in odor. It can easily fit into a pocket or bag. Our portable pocket ashtrays come in a range of colors. 

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