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Stoner Things!

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Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 & 2 is now streaming on Netflix, and I have to say the duffer brothers really raised the stakes for the upcoming season 5 finale. Hi folks it’s Mr.Slim here and today we present to you a unique list that will definitely spark a vibe!

To celebrate the series' release we’ve curated a list of ways you can have a sesh that channels the vibe of each character.


The Eleven: 

Starting off with the main protagonist of the series, the eleven style sesh will definitely have your mind playing tricks on you but also make sure you have the best trip of your life! To perform the eleven you’ll need 2     RAW level 5’s    and one   blunt wrap   of your choice. 

Slimjim Online

The idea is to take two separate hits from the RAW level 5’s and then enjoy a nice blunt to have your mind sync and enter the realm of telekinesis. Now we can’t promise you that you’ll actually gain powers after performing the eleven but you will definitely feel like you’re in the upside down. 


Demogorgon Delight: 


At number 2 we’ve got the Demogorgon Delight. Now if you’re familiar with the demogorgon, its unique aspects are: it’s tall and likes to eat a lot. Performing the Demogorgon Delight is pretty simple, you’ll need one   RAW  Emperador Rawket  and a ton of munchies! 

Slimjim india raw

Fill up and take huge rips from the rawket and once you’re done, all you have to do is munch on some beautiful munchies which you can get  here. 


The Eddie Freakin Munson: 

It’s 86 baby! Eddie was this season's breakout character that instantly became a fan favourite. Now in the show Eddie is already into a plethora of recreational habits so that made me question how does he still stay sane and energised even after what’s in his system. 

Slimjim India

The answer is   RAW’s Wake up and Bake up  mug and some delicious coffee from   Third Roast! 

Roll up a J, place it on the holder of the cup and bam! Take a puff then a sip. Repeat the process until you’ve finished your coffee or J and then you’ll enter the zone that Eddie is constantly in.   


Way of the Hopper: 

Next up on our list is the way of the Hopper. Now we all love Jim Hopper, he’s a caring dad, slays monsters, and rocks a manly moustache but, he’s also known for smoking. If you look at Hopper and think to yourself, damn this guy knows how to make smoking cool then we’ve got a way to turn the coolness up to 11! 

slimjim online

To perform the way of the Hopper you’ll need a    piecemaker kuban   and a lighter. Place your mix in the tip of the pipe, spark it up, puff it and voila you’ve performed the way of the hopper! 


Vecna’s Clock: 

We end this list with Vecna’s clock. Fans of the show remember vecna for 3 things: His monstrous appearance, his dislike for Kate Bush, and lastly the damn clock he projects while killing his victims. 

slimjim india

Now we may not have a 1950’s centric cuckoo clock but we do have a clock that will definitely help you store your essentials in plain sight just like Vecna. 

Check out the    High Time Kit     here. 



And that’s it for today folks! What was your favourite moment from Stranger Things 4? Let us know in the comments below. 



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