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The Hidden Gems of RAW

The Hidden Gems of RAW

How’s it hanging folks it’s me Mr. Slim back again with yet another enlightenment that’ll elevate your sessions and parties from ordinary to legendary! Every stoner has heard of RAW, the powerhouse and big daddy of smoking paraphernalia and accessories. Since their inception RAW has come up with a plethora of products to choose from.

With so many options at your fingertips it gets quite difficult to choose the best from the rest. Hence today we’ll be going through some of the hidden gems of RAW that you should definitely add to your arsenal of paraphernalia and accessories. 


Ladies and gentlemen here are the hidden gems of RAW:


  1. RAW Black Connoisseur Papers + Tips


Starting off this list with number 1 is the RAW Black Connoisseur Paper + Tips combo. We’ve all experienced how  RAW’s classic king size rolling papers are and sometimes we wanna try something new in life to gain a new perspective. Hence I recommend switching over to this bad boy. 

Packed in a stylish and minimalistic case, RAW’s black connoisseur series feels premium and provides a slow burn with each puff you take making your sessions and vibes last longer. The best part is they come with roaches that are easy to roll with! 


When you bust this guy out to roll with, people will know that you are a true connoisseur when it comes to rolling and puffing. 


You can check this bad boy out here.


2. RAW Six Shooter: 

Next up at number 2 we’ve got the RAW Six Shooter. Now for those of you who are scratching their heads wondering what exactly is a RAW Six Shooter don’t worry. A shooter is basically a device where you place your pre rolled cones into the holes and spread your choice of herbs into the holes.

A poker is provided for you to tuck your herbs nice and even into your cones. Once you’ve evenly distributed and set your herbs, pop your cones out and they’ll be ready for you to spark a vibe!  


RAW’s six shooter is perfect for parties or when you have a large group. An easy and quick way to make multiple doobs. Definitely check RAW’s six shooter here and add some of their classic pre rolled cones into your cart to prepare yourself for a legendary night!


3. RAW Trident: 


Coming up at number 3 we have the very special and wacky RAW Trident. RAW really went all out when it came to the creation of this piece. A simple and easy to use accessory, simply place 3 doobs onto this trident, light’em up simultaneously and get ready to partaay or enter an entirely new dimension depending on how well your tolerance is. 

RAW’s trident is an accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd and get people excited to join you for a sesh. Have a closer look at the RAW Trident here.



5.RAW x ILMYO  Power Tray: 

Coming in at number 5 we have the stylish, colorful and technologically advanced RAW x ILMYO Power Tray. Us stoners have this quality of being content with what we have but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider options that will definitely help us trip harder and faster. 


Speaking about tripping harder and faster, you will definitely ditch your old school notebook as a rolling base and embrace the awesomeness of RAW’s ILMYO Power Tray!

Equipped with RGB lighting options that you can customize through the RAW Power Tray app, charging ports to keep your phone charged and ready for some sick beats while you roll, and you can sync your music playlist that’ll give you the light show of a lifetime! 


Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to see RAW x ILMYO Power Tray in all its glory! 


5. RAW Rolling Box:


At number 5 we’ve got the RAW Rolling Box. Rolling is a skill which is easy to master but sometimes it becomes a hassle when you’re the designated roller for the night. To help you from this dilemma RAW came up with 2 rolling boxes to help you roll with ease. 

Choose from the king size box or the 1 1/4th box and simply tuck your herbs onto the apron, place your filter, lick your rolling paper and place it vertically at the apron, for the last step gently shut the box and experience the beauty of your perfectly rolled doob being popped out of the box. 

6. RAW Black Organic Hemp - 1 1/4th:

At the sixth spot we’ve got the RAW black Organic Hemp 1 1/4th rolling papers. These papers were created to celebrate RAW’s 16 year run in the smoking paraphernalia industry. 

Made with the thinnest and slowest burning unbleached hemp papers, each puff feels like pure bliss! You’ll definitely gain the title of high roller with these small but stylish rolling papers! 

Check them out here


7.RAW Smokers Ring: 

Coming in at number 8 is RAW’s Smoker Ring. Now I’m not gonna lie you might get some eyes turned towards you when you rock this bling on your finger but you won’t be catching any sickness or bad vibes due to the ring’s special ability to act as a joint holder. 

Tuck the joint into the side hole of the ring and puff away without compromising your hygiene. The ring comes in two stylish options: 24K Gold and Matte Black

Screw what the world thinks and embrace the inner high roller within you!



9.RAW Hydrostone Humidifier:

Coming in at 9th place is RAW’s Hydrostone Humidifier. Now this accessory can bring your dry and dead stash back to life! I’m not even kidding! How this hydrostone works is you simply dip it into distilled water and place it next to your stash and seal it in a container for a day. 

After a day when you open up the container you’ll be greeted by your fresh and full of life stash! 


Check out RAW’s Hydrostone Humidifier here.


10.RAW Hand Carved Wooden Pipe:


Ending our list with number 10 is the classic and retro RAW Hand Carved Wooden Pipe. Embracing old traditions has its own unique charm. With RAW’s hand carved wooden pipe you’ll be making people know you love your herbs and enjoy puffing them slowly and steadily cause this fat pipe right here has a storage capacity of 8 grams. 

Fill the hole up and you’ll be good to go for at least 3 hours! A must have item for the ones who want to manifest their inner Thomas Shelby. 

What do you think about our list? Were there any hidden gems we couldn’t find?

Let us know in the comments below. 


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