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Top 10 Christmas Gifts - Ho Ho Ho

Top 10 Christmas Gifts - Ho Ho Ho

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Well we've curated the top 10 gifts for you this Christmas Season. Check out our reccomendations below


1) Santa Claus Wine Bottle Holder

Ho Ho Ho, these cute Santa wine bottle holders are the perfect decor for the festive season. Ive always given out wine bottles to friends during Christmas, its an old tradition. These covers make any wine bottle look more fun and presentable. Buy these now before you head to the local wine shop


2) RAW Starter Kit

Limited editions RAW starter kits with 10+ RAW items packed neatly in a RAW tin case is a smokers dream. This case has 3 different kinds of tips and 3 different kinds of skins coupled with a hemp wick and the tin case. Perfect for RAW lovers.


3) Rick & Morty Wall Frames

Our latest collection of Wall frames covers everything from Rick and Morty to Football clubs to motivational frames. A perfect cost-effective gift this Christmas.


4) Rohan Joshi Wake N Bake Limited Edition Roach Pads

Limited edition roach pads from our collaboration with one of India's funniest comedians, Rohan Joshi. Buy these limited edition roach pads before they run out.



5) Gizeh Starter Kit

Did you know Gizeh is the most popular German rolling paper brand in Europe

Get all your favorite Gizeh items in one kit at the lowest price.

The kit contains

4 X Gizeh King Size Papers

1 X Gizeh 5M Roll

1 X Slimjim White Gold Paper

2 X Slimjim Roach Pads

1 X Gizeh XL Filters

1 X Gizeh Pen 





6)  Super Premium Paper Kit

One of our most popular smoking kits. 

Have a birthday coming up and need the perfect kit to gift? This box is the perfect gift for all your smoking friends. 

This gift box contains all the Premium rolling papers, enough to please the chosen one! 

The new contents of the box are below-

1. Trip Transparent Papers

2. GreenGo Skins. 

3. Elements Ultra-thin Rice Skins. 

4. Elements Red Hemp Skins

5. Gizeh Hemp King Size Skins.

6. Slimjim Pocket Ashtray

7. Raw Organic Hemp Skins.

8. Raw Organic Hemp Connoisseur Skins

9. Raw Classic Skins.

10. Gizeh King Size Skins. 

11. Smoking Kukuxusu Papers

12. SMK King Size.

13. Smoking Brown Skins 

14. Slimjim Roach Pads X 2

15. Slimjim Pink Skins

16. Slimjim Ultra Slim Skins



7) Raasta Hemp Flip Flops

Got a hippie friend? He's going to love these Raasta Hemp Flip Flops. Made from hemp fiber with a sturdy rubber sole grip. These Raasta colored flip flops go great with blue and black jeans and can also be used as home slippers. High on comfort and design, these will definitely get the Bob Marley in you Jammin.



8) Mini Golf Kit

The perfect gift for the CEO with a big office. This stressbuster putting hole is perfect for a little exercise and entertainment in between long workdays. If you have a schedule that keeps you in office for 6+ hours a day and an office that is big in size this is perfect for you. 


9) Ostrich Travel Pillow 

So this was a recommendation from a friend in Australia and when I first wore it I went through a whole Mum-Delhi flight with a baby crying two rows ahead of me and I slept without a single bother. This ostrich pillow manages to cover your eyes, ears and has an openeing only for your nose and mouth thus making you feel like a small baby covered in a womb. It's safe to say I chucked that expensive travel neck pillow aside and never leave for trips without my trusted Ostrich Travel Pillow.


10) Sphere Ice Ball Maker

We all have those buddies coming over for a drinking session at home. This ice ball maker will ensure you have an Instagram friendly drink ready always. All you got to do is buy this online, fill her up and put her in the freezer. An hour later you have some ice balls ready to drop into those drinks. Buy this now, thank me during drinks



So that's the round-up of Christmas Recommendations from me. If you do put any of these into your cart make sure you use my discount code "MRBLOG"

Let us know what are your views about these recommendations in the comments.

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