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Mary Jane Berlin - 2021

Mary Jane Berlin
After months of speculation, Germany's biggest CBD and Marijuana Expo kicked off on the 21st of October 2021 at the renowned Treptow Park. The trade show that usually takes place in the summer months of June annually was temporarily taking place in October due to cobid restrictions across Europe.
With 140+ exhibitors and more then 5000 attendees spread across 3 days this year promised to be as dazzling and hazy as the pre covid era.
Covid Guidelines were well followed with masks and Antigen tests being compulsory along with usage of the LUCA application that has launched across Germany.
Mary Jane Berlin 2021
Now, for the juicy part, the products. considering the plethora of exhibitors we have handpicked the creme da la creme and listed them down below
Snail Custom Rolling Papers
Snail Papers is a homegrown brand from Slovenia. Their USP is small quantity custom design. They produce small batches of artistically designed papers in their factory in Slovenia and export across the world. '
What do we Like?
Snail making dreams come true for smaller shops and brands by making top quality customized paper packs in smaller quantities
Snail - Coffin Rolling Paper
Product Innovations
Snail coffin, a custom style of a paper pack with tips in a coffin shape. The timing for this pack launch was perfect with the release of the popular show Squid Games on Netflix. We are honestly suckers for good packaging and the team at Snail keeps outdoing themselves with every new edition
Monkey King
The most vibrant and colourful brand at the trade show this year was from Barcelona, Spain. The Monkey King Barcelona has a wide range of papers, tips, cones, energy drinks and a lot more. They recently launched in Spain and slowly but steadily are increasing availability worldwide. 
What do we like?
Every product has a unique theme and design. The colour alone will want to make you buy the entire range. 
Monkey King Rolling Papers
Product Innovations
The newly launched Monkey King Smell Pack King Size variant just blew us away. The pack is an aroma pack so it gives out the most delightful smell. Great to brush on your clothes after a smoke session to try and get rid of the smoke smell. 
Juicy Fields
Become a Potpreneur and benefit from a booming cannabis industry is what Juicy Fields is all about. A one of its kind platform where you can invest your money in grow fields in legal countries. This unique proposition of owning cannabis fields and there by profiting when the yield is good or when the value increases is a one of a kind opportunity, of course it is only applicable in countries where cultivation is legally allowed
What do we like?
The concept is a breakthrough from conventional investment methods and a legally sound way of dipping your fingers in the cultivation industry without most of the hassles associated with it otherwise
Product Innovation:
The entire interface and database itself is a piece of art. Keep your eye on Juicy Fields, these guys are the next big thing in cannabis tech
Green Lane Wholesale
The biggest distributor of smoking paraphernalia and CBD products across Europe. Its a shame they do not cater to the Indian market, but let's see if we can go about changing that next year. The brands under the Greenlane stable range from Vibes, Cookies, Studenglass, High Standards, etc
What do we Like?
The convenience of a one stop shop for everything cannabis related. If you can't find it on Greenlane that means the product does not exist. Check them out
StudenGlass Gravity Bong
Product Innovations
Multiple, with our top pick being Studenglass a one of its kind gravity bong. 
Real Leaf
A one of a kind tobacco substitute which contains no tobacco, no nicotine, no THC or CBD. It's made from Mullein, liquorice and marshmallow leaves and is the perfect tobacco cessation device. Made in Israel with the proprietary terpene based formulation.
What do we like?
A variety of flavours of their tobacco based substitute. Something to satisfy all taste palettes
Real Leaf Tobacco Substitute
Product Innovation:
Recently they have launched Supreme joint filters, which are basically flavoured filters made with their proprietary terpene formulation
There were so many distributors that we had to shortlist only the top 5 for now, will add more in our edition 2 of the Mary Jane Berlin 2021